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There are various options available through Jaguar Finance, including:

Jaguar Hand-Shake (LOW EMI)

Allows a tenure of 84 months and thus distributes the loan amount over a longer period of time. This considerably reduces the EMI amount.

Benefits: EMI is low, thus reducing your total monthly outflow.

Jaguar Privilege (100% Ex-showroom Finance)

Allows 100% of the ex-showroom price of the vehicle to be covered under finance. This option may be available on select models and for select tenure only.

Benefits: Gives you the freedom to drive home in a Jaguar on payment of a relatively smaller initial outlay.

Jaguar Bespoke (Step-up Finance)

Allows a tenure ranging from 36 to 60 months. Under this option, EMIs are designed to increase annually.

Benefits: You get the benefit of a lower EMI in the initial years.

Jaguar Independence (Balloon EMI Finance)

Allows you to have an option of settling your loan with a larger installment (Balloon EMI) in the last month of the loan tenure. You may choose an agreement tenure ranging from 12 to 36 months and the amount of balloon payment. The EMI is then calculated at the prevailing rate after considering the chosen balloon amount as the last installment**.

Benefits: Reduces your monthly EMIs.

Jaguar Roar (Special Offers)

Allows you to avail of special offers introduced by Jaguar Finance from time to time. Information on any prevailing special offers will be available with the Jaguar Finance representative at your nearest dealer.

Other Options

Jaguar Finance also allows you the flexibility and choice to claim customised finance options* to suit your required loan amount and loan tenure.


Low Initial


    Low Monthly


    Choose Your


    Flexibility in Vehicle


Jaguar Hand-Shake     Not included     Included     Not included     Included
Jaguar Privilege     Included     Not included     Not included     Included
Jaguar Bespoke     Not included     Not included     Included     Included
Jaguar Independence     No included     Included     Included     Included
Jaguar Roar
    Special limited period offers. Please get in touch with our Finance Representative.

*Terms and conditions apply. **Subject to a maximum set by Jaguar Finance.