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Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

When you drive your Jaguar, you want to feel as free as possible in every sense – comfortable that your vehicle can take you anywhere that you want to go; free in the knowledge that both you and your vehicle are covered while you are out exploring the world.

The Jaguar Finance insurance solutions allow you this freedom. They are straightforward yet comprehensive, and include Motor Insurance, Guaranteed Asset Protection and a Payment Protection Plan.

Jaguar Finance can also assist you in arranging insurance cover with your selected insurer if you don’t have existing cover.

Customer Payment Protection Plan

The future is unexpected – events such as unemployment, illness and injury can affect anyone at any time. At Jaguar Finance, our primary concern is ensuring that you are cared for while you enjoy your vehicle – and we have a unique range of schemes to suit your personal requirements and circumstances.

Contact us on 086 111 3430 for more information.

Jaguar Finance CoverPlus is an extension of your comprehensive motor policy, and provides additional cover in the event of unintentional violation of the underlying policy and a shortfall benefit. It also provides Bodyline Maintenance which covers minor accidental damage falling within the underlying policy's excess.

Contact us on 086 111 3430 to find out how we can assist you in ensuring that you and your vehicle are covered.

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