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We would like to invite Jaguar owners to redeem their Loyalty Voucher that offers a unique experience in the form of a on-road driver training course. This unforgettable experience will be facilitated by the highly qualified Jaguar Experience Instructors.

Oversteer, Understeer and Aquaplaning are only a few terms that you will become more acquainted with when you spend a day with us out on the tracks.

Informative fun on the skid-pan while you learn more about braking and handling in the wet are but a fraction of what you will be empowered with on this dynamic course

As modern vehicles improve with technology and are capable of higher speeds, this course is designed with on-road characteristics in mind.

Conducted in a safe and controlled environment, you will experience on-road situations with confidence and safety in mind. We invite drivers of any make of vehicle to join us for our dynamic on-road driving course.